Taylor Eason

Greek wines come of age

Greece is making inroads on American shelves and wine lists. Of its 300 + indigenous varieties, though, only 8 or 10 make it into the states. Taylor recently tried some of these and was, in her words, "pretty blown away." Learn more about these Greek wines.

Chateau Bellevue Peycharneau

Chateau Bellevue Peycharneau 2011 Bordeaux Superieur ($17.99)

A blend of 65% Merlot with 20% Cabernet Sauvignon and 15% Cabernet Franc. Very dark purple with a clear garnet edge. Fruit-forward aromas are almost "New World" in style: ripe cherries and berries plus a whiff of anise and a spicy note of European oak. Warm and mouth-filling, 13.5% alcohol; red fruit and tart acidity over firm, astringent tannins.

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The Enchanting Grape

The days are finally beginning to lengthen, but it's still winter here in the Northern Hemisphere. Richard Fadeley's go-to wine in the cold days is often a brooding and earthy Syrah. He got his tasting panel together to taste a selection of Syrah (or Shiraz, as it's known Down Under). Here are their ratings and notes.