Weingut Josef Spreitzer 2013 “Riesling 101” Rheingau Riesling ($17.99)

Weingut Josef Spreitzer

Transparent brass color. Rich, characteristic Rhine Riesling aromas and flavors, green apple with a whiff of musky melon and a hint of peach on the nose, leading into a tart but textured palate impression that carries the aromas intact over zingy, mouth-watering acidity that brings peachy fresh-fruit sweetness into balance with light 10 percent alcohol. There’s a stony sense of minerality beneath it all, and tart stone-fruit flavors linger with zippy, citric acidity in an extremely long finish.

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Römerhof 2014 Mosel Riesling Kabinett ($12.99)


This simple but very pleasant Riesling is a light straw color in the glass, with just a hint of brassy green. Its fresh aroma and flavor begin with a distinct green apple scent on the nose, opening to something more aromatic on the palate, a hint of juicy peach at first adding ripe, juicy, tart-sweet satsuma tangerine as you swish the wine in your mouth. Crisp, cleansing acidity nicely balances light, fresh-fruit sweetness in a well-balanced wine. Easy sipping at 7.5% alcohol, a level that’s startlingly low compared with most table wines but is still typical of simple Mosel Rieslings.

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Huber 2014 “Terrassen” Traisental Riesling ($19.99)

Huber 2014 "Terrassen" Traisental Riesling

This transparent pale-gold Austrian white offers fresh, appealing aromas: Apples and a gentler whiff of peach, and a hint of the odd but pleasant “petrol” minerality that often appears in good Riesling. Crisp and faintly prickly on the palate, it’s dry and appropriately tart, and shows subtle but not overwhelming nuances of stone fruits – peach and apricot – along with zippy lemon zest in a long, clean finish. Bone-dry and light with a gentle 12% alcohol.

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Domingo Molina 2014 “Hermanos” Valle de Cafayate Salta Torrontes ($14.99)

Domingo Molina

Clear, light straw color, with a faint greenish hue. Good, aromatic fresh-fruit aromas, peaches in the foreground, with a faint touch of a green herb like basil or tarragon behind. Ripe peaches are even more apparent on the palate, leading to the expectation of sweetness, but it’s not all fruit; bone dry and appropriately acidic, it offers a good medium-bodied texture, with touches of subtle stony minerality and snappy tangerines joining with the juicy fruit to balance the flavors in a very long finish

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Wine label mind games

La Posta Tinto with tasting notes on the label!

Does it bug you as much as it does me when a wine label puts a tasting report right up front and center? Consider if you will La Posta Tinto, an Argentine red blend that I picked up the other day for a penny under 13 bucks. There’s not a lot of information on the label. … But right up there in front, in gold letters on red, the label tells me what I’m tasting!

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Alamos 2014 Mendoza Malbec ($10.99)

Alamos 2014 Mendoza Malbec

Primarily Mendoza Malbec with a bit of Syrah and Bonarda, this is a dark, reddish-purple wine shading to a clear garnet edge. Ripe cherry-berry fruit on the nose carries over intact on the palate with a juicy, zippy flavor of black cherries, blackberries and plums plus a distinct grind of black pepper. A hint of warm spice suggests a touch of oak, but it’s not overpowering. Mouth-watering acidity and light but perceptible tannins build a good, food-friendly structure with a bit of warmth, not out of line at 13.5% alcohol.

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