Casanova Della Spinetta 2014 “Il Rosé di Casanova” Toscana Rosato ($19.99)

Il Rosé di Casanova

This Sangiovese-based pink wine may be labeled as a rosé, but it looks an awful lot like a white: It’s a clear, pale gold wine with only the faintest hint of bronze. Its fresh, complex aromas are light but appealing fresh fruit including golden raisins and figs, adding an intriguing, unexpected hint of blackberry. Mouth-filling and ripe, full fruit flavors amplify the nose. Crisp, palate-cleansing acidity and berry fruit linger in a very long finish; 12.5% alcohol. This is one excellent wine, whether it’s white or rosé.

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Arsenic in wine! A scientific perspective

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Raising the Organic Bar

Roberto DiFilippo and horse.

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