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Obscure wine-tasting term with several conflicting definitions. Perhaps etymologically akin to "rancid" in English, but not so pejorative. Emile Peynaud lists it as synonymous with "maderized" (see above); Alexis Lichine notes that it may represent the "nutty" flavor of Sherry, the "cooked" taste of some California sweet wines, and the "pungent" flavor of Madeira, Marsala and Malaga, and the "characteristic" flavor of older Banyuls from Southwestern France; Amerine and Roessler find it in older, oxidized, usually sweet red wines; and other sources point to it in Cognacs and Brandies de Jerez. The point in this extended series of quotes, frankly, is to suggest that the term is too vague, and too obscure, to be of much use.

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