Welcome to Wine Lexicon, our unique pronouncing dictionary of wine-related words and phrases, where you can look up hundreds of common wine terms, read their definitions and hear them pronounced. Audio pronunciations for most of the non-English words in our Lexicon are denoted by a audio speaker icon like this:
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This feature of The Wine Lovers' Page incorporates our old "Talking Grapes and Wines" pronouncing glossary of wine grapes and wine regions as well as our "Wine Tasting Dictionary" of wine-tasting terms and wine descriptors. It's all aimed at helping you speak with confidence, whether you're ordering wine in a restaurant or shop or talking with friends and business associates about wine.

To look up a word or phrase, simply scroll through the list at your left. Click on the word of interest, and its definition will appear in this window. For easy reference, the list is color-coded, with listings of wine grapes shown in red, specific kinds of wine indicated in purple, geographical wine regions listed in blue, wine-tasting terms and descriptors in green, and all other wine terms in orange. Pronunciations are intended primarily for American English speakers and make no pretense at ethnic purity; however, they should be close enough to spare you embarrassment. Please note than a capital N at the end of a syllable represents the nasal French 'n'; a capital 'KH' denotes the guttural German 'ch' as in 'ich' or 'bach'.

This is always a work in progress; if you'd like help pronouncing a wine word that isn't listed here or want to suggest an addition or correction, please send me a message. If you're a native or fluent speaker and would like to help improve this feature by sending me sound files to replace my American-accented terms with more precise renditions, please use this link to get in touch.